This web site is a non-commercial venture intended to broaden awareness of and to promote research on the works of Ferde Grofé.

As time marches onwards, and progress asserts its inevitable will on our society, much of our heritage and past becomes lost or forgotten. Each year, hundreds of band works are published, while thousands are composed and submitted. This sheer volume of repertoire that is yearly added to the catalog of American Band Music possesses a momentum which tends to carry us forward, leaving behind some well and lesser-known classics as publishers cannot keep all titles in print always. Even great band works by masters like Camille Saint-Saens have gone unpublished and been forgotten. (Hail! California, 1915). Sadly, this is what has largely transpired to most of the published band music of Ferde Grofé.

While certain of my own arrangements may be obtained by special permission, the bulk of materials referenced here are controlled by exclusive copyrights held by the music publishers and the Ferde Grofé estate and cannot be distributed without permission of the copyright holders. 

Please do not contact me if you are looking to obtain copies of music that is out of print or otherwise unavailable. Click the Resources tab above for links to sources for locating copies of sheet music.

Musically yours,

Kevin R. Tam