The Concert Band Music

In his career, Ferde Grofé's music was represented in every conceivable form - from large orchestra, to instrumental duets. For such a prolific arranger and composer, it is surprising that only a handful of his works are well known today.

Even lesser known are his works for band. While presenting my own arrangements of Mr. Grofé's orchestra works recast in the Concert Band setting, also listed here is a growing compilation of previously published arrangements of Grofé's works - some originally written for band and some not.

Ferde Grofé did in fact have a long relationship with the American Bandmaster's Association which commissioned several works from him. He also worked extensively with the "industrial bands" of the era - corporate sponsored bands comprised and run by company employees such as the American Rolling Mill Corp, which commissioned several works from him.

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Mississippi – A Tone Journey    
Based on the original Paul Whiteman score.      
1 - Father of Waters    
2 - Huckleberry Finn (Mark Twain)    
3 - Old Creole Days    
4 - Mardi Gras  
Valley of the Sun Suite   
1 - Valley of Ditches    
2 - The Dam Builders     
3 - Masque of the Yellow Moon    
4 - Golden Jubilee    
San Francisco Suite (Purchase Album)    
1 - The Gold Rush  
2 - Bohemian Nights (Romance)  
3 - The Mauve Decade (Cable Car Ride)  
4 - 1906 - 1960 (The Great Quake)  
Symphony in Steel  
Desert Water Hole (Movement 3 from the Death Valley Suite)
Requiem for a Ghost Town  
Grofé's final major work, Poem by Ferde Grofé Jr.      
Napa Valley Suite    
"Selections in a Wine Cellar"      
Sequoia (Final Opus)  
Final composition, Poem by Ferde Grofé Jr. Commissioned by the Sierra Club.      
Blue Monday Blues (from 135th Street, aka Blue Monday)  
Grofé's version of Gershwin's score
Strike Up the Band (1930)
Grofé's concert march based on Gershwin's score      
Kentucky Derby: Tone Poem (1937)  
Commissioned by the famous Kentucky Colonels.      


Many of the below works are now out of print. See Resources tab for possible sources for scores and parts.
Death Valley Suite, arr David Bennett  
N.E.W.S Suite    
March for Americans, arr David Bennett  
Campus March, arr David Bennett      
Elk's Grand Reunion March, Arr Grofé      
Owls on Parade, arr David Bennett      
A Salute to Grofé, arr Paul Yoder    
(Features Alice Blue, Sob Sister, On the Trail, and Mardi Gras)      
On the Trail, arr David Bennett    
Hawaii Suite, arr Ferde Grofé (2 Mvts)    
Hendrik Hudson, arr Robert Hawkins      
Paris Portrait, arr Paul Yoder    
Daybreak, arr Harold Adamson      
Ode to Freedom, arr Charles Cook  
Based on the Battle Hymn of the Republic      
Rhapsody in Blue, arr Ferde Grofé      
Rhapsody in Blue, arr Donald Hunsberger  
For Wind Ensemble based on the Grofé score      
Ode to an American Soldier, arr Grofé    
Old Man River, arr Ferde Grofé    
Friml Favorites, arr Erik Leidzen    
Glamour Girl, arr Fred Thornton    
From Aviation Suite      
Over There Fantasie, arr Erik Leidzen  
Collection of patriotic wartime tunes      
Valley of Enchantment, arr Hawkins  
Suite in three movements: The Great Divide, Gunnison Valley, & Black Canyon.    
Wonderful One, arr Onofrio Sciacca      
Chicago, Arr Jim Ramey  
Grofé's 1922 arrangement for Whiteman